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Advanced Topics
ChE255 Methods in Systems Biology
ChE256 Model Predictive Control
ChE295/ECE295/ME295/CS592 Control, Dynamical Systems, and Computations Seminar
ECE229 Hybrid Systems
ECE238 Advanced Control Design Laboratory
ECE281B/CS281B Advanced Topics in Computer Vision
ECE283 Machine Learning: A signal Processing Perspective
ME225AF Modeling and Control of Spatially Distributed Dynamical Systems
ME225FB Distributed Systems and Control
ME225SB Systems Biology
ME225SO Pattern formation and Self-Organization
ME245 Modeling and Control of Spatially Distributed Systems
Computational Methods
ChE211A/CS211A/ECE210A/Math206A/ME210A Matrix Analysis and Computation
CS211B/Math206B/ME210B/ChE211B/ECE210B Numerical Simulation
CS211C/Math206C/ME210C/ChE211C Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations—Finite Difference Methods
CS211D/Math206D/ME210D/ChE211D Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations—Finite Elements Methods
Linear Systems and Robust Control
ECE230A/ME243A Linear Systems I
ECE230B/ME243B Linear Systems II
ECE232/ME256 Robust Control with Applications
ECE234 Modeling, Identification, and Validation for Control
ECE594D Fourier Analysis for Engineers
Math118A-B-C Introduction to Real Analysis
Math201A-B-C Real Analysis
Math233A-B-C Applied Functional Analysis
Mechanical Systems and Robotics
ECE594D Robot Locomotion
ME201 Advanced Dynamics I
ME202 Advanced Dynamics II
ME203 Nonlinear Mechanics
ME215A Applied Dynamical Systems I
ME215B Applied Dynamical Systems II
ME225 Dynamical Systems with Symmetries
ME225AF Cooperative Control of Robotic Networks
ME225FB Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems
ME270A Robot Motion
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
ME291A Physics of Transducers
ME292 Design of Transducers
Nonlinear and Adaptive Control
ECE236/ME236 Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE237/ME237 Nonlinear Control Design
ECE247 System Identification
ECE249 Adaptive Control Systems
Optimization and Optimal Control
ECE270 Game Theory
ECE271A Principles of Optimization: Convex Optimization
ECE271B Numerical Optimization Methods
ECE271C Dynamic Optimization: Optimal Control
ECE271C/ME254 Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems
ME225 Convex Optimization
Process Control
ChE230C Nonlinear Analysis of Dynamical Systems
ChE252 Monitoring Process and Control System Performance
ChE256 Seminar in Process Control