Petar Kokotovic 2009 Sigma Xi Monie A. Ferst Award
Andrew Teel 2009 Zaborsky Distinguished Lecturer Award
Joao P. Hespanha 2009-2011 Elected member of the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Board of Governors (BoG)
Andrew Teel 2008 Plenary Speaker at the 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC'2008)
Otger Campas 2008 University of Barcelona Special award for an Exceptional Ph.D. thesis.
Frank Doyle 2008 Plenary Speaker at the 2008 IFAC World Congress
Francesco Bullo 2008 IEEE Control Systems Magazine Outstanding Paper Award
Frank Doyle 2008 IEEE Fellow for contributions to nonlinear process control and analysis for biological systems
Bassam Bamieh 2008 IEEE Fellow for contributions to robust, sampled-data and distributed control
Joao P. Hespanha 2008 IEEE Fellow for contributions to stability techniques for switched and hybrid systems
Linda Petzold 2008 Fellow of the ASME
Brad Paden 2007 AIMBE Fellow for outstanding contributions towards the development of magnetically levitated rotary blood pumps for adult and pediatric heart failure patients
Mustafa Khammash 2007 ECE Distinguished Lecturer, Michigan State University
Mustafa Khammash 2007 IEEE Fellow for contributions to robust control and its applications
Andrew Teel 2007 Plenary Speaker, 26th Chinese Control Conference, Zhangjiajie Hunan
Joao P. Hespanha 2007-2011 IEEE Distinguished Lecturer
Murat Arcak 2006 American Automatic Control Council Donald P. Eckman Award for outstanding contributions to feedback design of nonlinear systems and networks, and innovative applications to fuel cell technology
Francesco Bullo 2006 ACC Best Student Paper Award Winner (as advisor)
Anurag Ganguli 2006 American Control Conference (ACC) Best Student Paper Award
Linda Petzold 2006 Fellow of the AAAS
Francesco Bullo 2006 Plenary Speaker, 25th Benelux Meeting on Systems and Control, The Netherlands
Francesco Bullo 2006 Plenary Speaker, 9th Workshop on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC), Santa Barbara
Jeff Moehlis 2006 National Science Foundation CAREER Award
Duncan Mellichamp 2006 Santa Barbara Medal
Mustafa Khammash 2006 Semi-Plenary Lecturer, MTNS, Kobe, Japan