Stephen Simons, faculty
Office: 4520 South Hall
Phone: 1 (805) 8935808
Academic Department:

Mathematics (Math)

Research Affiliations:
Center for Control, Dynamical-systems, and Computation (CCDC)

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Recent Publications:

Simons S. Polar Subspaces and Automatic Maximality. Set-valued and Variational Analysis. 2014;22:259–270.
Simons S. The Asymmetric Sandwich theorem. Journal of Convex Analysis. 2013;20:107–124.
Simons S. Linear L-positive Sets and their Polar Subspaces. Set-valued and Variational Analysis. 2012;20:603–615.
Simons S. Ssdb Spaces and Maximal Monotonicity. Journal of Global Optimization. 2011;50:23–37.
Simons S. Banach Ssd Spaces and Classes of Monotone Sets. Journal of Convex Analysis. 2011;18:227–258.
Simons S. Positive Sets and Monotone Sets. Journal of Convex Analysis. 2007;14:297–317.